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So yes, my time here at wordpress has been short-lived, but I’m hoping this will be a move for the better… Please visit me here


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And the winner is…..


He writes:  “So my wife used to be a nanny of 2 boys. She was with them for almost 3 years. When the oldest was around 3 he was really into Thomas and trains in general. His favorite Thomas character was Percy. He had all of the trains and about a mile worth of track and one day he couldn’t find the Percy train. Mind you, this is a 3 year old with a bit of a lisp He kept asking my wife and his mom “Where is my Percy? Where is my Percy?” Not good.

His mom and my wife got a good giggle out of it.”

Why do they make kids characters so hard to pronounce… let alone, precariously similar to inappropriate terms?! Look for an e-mail from me later today! 

   There were so many good stories (I wish I had time to make/send everyone who commented something) I had to choose a runner up… Shelly’s story wasn’t really a mis-pronunciation, but it still made me laugh until I almost cried! (maybe it’s because I teach the 3 & 4 year olds at my church, so I can DEFINITELY relate)  She writes:  “I can’t think of a good mispronunciation story (and my LO is only 2 mo old), so I’ll share another funny kid story, even if I don’t qualify for the drawing. My husband and I were in charge of singing time with the toddlers at church and we started up a round of “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” with the instruction being to jump up and down. One child piped up and said, “I can’t jump, because if I do, I’ll go poo poo and I don’t want to go poo poo right now.”

I’ll also be comtacting Shelly today to send her a little something 🙂

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Giveaway, and a big thanks to Sew Mama Sew again for hosting!!

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The Prize: I’m giving away a gift set for a 3-6 month old baby girl. The set includes 1 pair of reversible booties in purple fabric with a pink/blue/green flower print and coordinating green fabric, a matching bib with a white-minky back, and a white organic cotton onesie embellished with matching ruffles. This outfit would be absolutely stunning paired with a cute jean skirt or shorts, and of course an adorable baby girl!!

The Task: Leave a comment here, telling me about the funniest situation – or perhaps awkward situation- caused by a mis-pronunciation of a word by your child (or niece, nephew, next-door neighbor, grandchild, etc etc etc make it up if you have to, I won’t know!). Whatever story makes me laugh the hardest will be declared the winner!

The Fine Print: I will ship internationally, and will attempt to mail the giveaway early next week…I will post the winner on Monday (the 1st) and contact the winner by e-mail. So make sure you leave your e-mail address if you don’t plan on checking back here to see if you’ve won! Assuming the winner reads said e-mail and sends me their shipping info in return, their item will be mailed out on Tuesday. Otherwise it will be mailed out the next business day.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! And a big “Thank You” to Sew Mama Sew  for hosting this Giveaway Day!

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Crazy weekend…

Memorial Day weekend was absolutely crazy! Fun at times, and frustrating at times… luckily more fun that frustrating overall. Needless to say it wound up being way busierthan I had planned, so I didn’t get any sewing done. Not a single stitch! I’m still excited for the Giveaway Day (Tomorrow WOOOHOOO!) and will post my item/instructions late tonight.  I’m going to be asking a question and then chosing the best answer to decide who recieve’s the giveaway. I’m still going to try to finish up a boy gift so I can giveaway two sets… Guess I’ll have to see how busy I get tonight! My husband and I are going camping this coming weekend, so I’ll probably choose the winner when we get back on Sunday… that way people will have plenty of time to enter! Anyway, more details (and photos of the prizes) to come later, so please check back in tomorrow and submit your responses for a chance at a cool baby prize!

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Sewing & Squished Squash

I really love having a productive night, but I am always wiped out the next day… Last night I scrapped my baby-outfit-from-scratch idea for the Giveaway Day… I’m not abandoning it completely, just putting it on hold for now.  It was just taking too much time, and I wasn’t happy with how it was working out.  Good news is that moving on to something I am comfortable making gave me the motivation to finish the whole Giveaway set! WOO HOO! (see teaser photos at the end) I also made a yummy new (I think?) recipe to use up some crookneck squash from our CSA box… I called it “Squish Squash” to amuse my 4 yr. old, but was actually very surprised with the result! I didn’t really measure anything, but here’s what I did:

  1. slice 2 crookneck squash and 2 carrots into relatively small pieces

 2. start carrots in boiling water, then add squash after about 5 minutes (since carrots take longer). Boil until both are quite tender.

3. Add some whipping cream, cream cheese (hey I didn’t say this was completely healthy!) and spices to taste: I chose pepper, and some light coriander  and begin mashing with a potatoe masher while still over the heat. Continue mashing until you have a mixture that’s sort of like chunky mashed potatoes. You may have to add some more cream if it’s too thick. If you make it too thin you can always use a little gravy flour or instant powdered potatoes to thicken it up.

4. Serve it with excitement! I called this “the squish-squash sea” with a baked-potatoe boat on top… complete with a cheese slice for a sail, bacon crumbles for the “people” on the boat, and even threw in some goldfish crackers to complete the effect. Wierd yes, but my kids loved it, and ate their vegetables without complaining. That’s all that matters to Moms at dinner time, right?

After dinner it was off to the grocery store (anyone know why you ALWAYS see someone you don’t want to see when you’re dressed your worst?) for cheesecake ingredients for my hubby’s potluck, then home to start baking, bathtime/bedtime for the kids, and then some laundry and more sewing while the cake baked. Another wonderful tutorial: Sunny Day Dress. Comes together super fast! The hardest and most time-consuming part was hand-winding the elastic thread onto the bobbin. I had some cute gauzy material found in the remnants bin at Joanns that was just waiting for a nice summery pattern. I wanted to make a dress, but thought the material was a little on the sheer side, so figured a little top for Rylee was more appropriate. I just have to finish the straps tonight and then I’ll post some pictures of her wearing it. Awesome tutorial for summer tops/dresses: potentially very cheap (unless you choose to buy fabric over $10/yd.), goes together fast, and easy to vary the look/style with simple tweaks to the pattern.   One change I did make from the tutorial, was I  did not sew in rows and tie the ends together like she says to… I sewed my tube in a spiral fashion (this saved time) and found that it still shrunk up enough without the extra gathering that she explains. I thought this made it go much faster, and look cleaner on the inside. 

Anyways, enough of my rambling! Here are some teaser photos for my girls Giveaway… Hopefully I’ll get a boys one done too:

Picture 016Picture 020Picture 026

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Adorable crowns…

Just had to quickly post a link to this tutorial… These crownsare adorable! My little princess will never run out now…  I’m beginning to get too many tutorials on my list of  “Must-Do’s”. Where will I get the time to make all this cool stuff? Anyone know how to add more hours to the day?


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R.I.P Beany!

Beany 1993-2009

Beany 1993-2009

Well I’ts been a sad couple of days at our house… my beloved kitty had to be put to sleep yesterday.  She had been diagnosed with renal failure and a fast-spreading cancer in her mouth about 2 weeks ago. We started her on some supplements, and changed her diet, and things were looking good… the good days were improving! Then over this past weekend I couldn’t even get her to be interested in eating or drinking. I resorted to mixing her supplements into a water-filled syringe, wrapping her in a towel so she wouldn’t scratch me, and shooting the icky stuff down her throat 2x’s per day… not a fun time for anyone involved! The cancer was noticibly larger, and I could tell she was not comfortable at all… so we made the “quality-of-life” decision, and my wonderful husband took her to be put to sleep yesterday. 16 years old is not bad for a cat!! I think that converts to about 80 in cat years…  She definitely had a long and happy life.  R.I.P Beany- You are greatly missed!!!

On a happier note, I got a decent amount of sewing done this weekend. I (finally) finished my bathing suit! I actually suprised myself with how well it turned out considering it was my first time working with fabric that has that much stretch to it. I just with our local Joanns had a wider variety of material suitable for swim-suits… I would have rather had a cute print than the basic black/silver that I wound up with. I might have to order some nicer fabric online and make another one!

I also worked on my Giveaway items! I don’t want to say exactly what I’ll be giving away yet, but I will say that I’m working/tweaking/creating a new pattern that will be super cute for a little baby! I don’t have tons of experience with making my own pattern, but I’m determined to make this Giveaway 100% my own creation – with inspiration from others of course 🙂 Hopefully this week I’ll be able to finish it up and post some teaser photos!

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