Kids are such a blessing

I am a little obsessed about being late… I absolutely hate it, and will do everything in my power to avoid it. Today was Rylee’s friends swim party, and I would have sworn that the invitation said it started at 1 pm. So we show up about 10 minutes “early” and I’m surprised to see lots of people there and already in the pool. I ask the other mom where she would like me to put her daughter’s present, and she says “oh, well you can just give it to her… she just got done opening all the other ones.” This is when I realize something is wrong, so I reply, “Oh my gosh! Am I late??!!” and she smiles, and sort of whispers “uh, the invitation said 11 to 1″… Talk about feeling like a horrible parent!! Luckily all the kids were having fun and not getting ready to leave, so Rylee played in the pool with the other girls for about 20 minutes, then the hostess was kind enough to send us home with cupcakes since we had missed the whole cake thing! On the drive home my daughter asks me “Mom, why did we have to leave so fast?” So I apologized and told her “mommy made a mistake that made us very late”, fully ready for her to have a little pouty-lip reply like, “why did you do that?” or “but I really wanted to stay!”… instead she completely surprises me saying, “That’s ok mom. We can make mistakes sometimes. They’re kinda like accidents.” [insert proud mommy feeling here] I’m so blessed to have a great daughter who is forgiving and so understanding at the tender age of 4!

While I’m bragging about my daughter, look what she made today:

Tissue paper doll dress

Tissue paper doll dress

A doll dress made out of tissue paper!! She asked me to help her, so I drew two tank top shapes for her to cut out, and then she taped them together on the tops and the sides. She is super proud of “sewing” her first doll dress!!


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Busy 3-day weekend…

Finished pair of Reversible Booties

Finished pair of Reversible Booties

I’m so lucky to get every other Friday off of work, but for some reason I have fallen into the habit of trying to cram too much into these longer weekends… making them feel even shorter than the regular ones!! Thursday night I stayed up until around 1 am, partly because I was trying to finish up some chores around the house, and partly because I just couldn’t shut my brain off for some reason. Yesterday morning I was up by 5 and at the gym by 6 (only thanks to my personal trainer… otherwise I would have hit snooze!) and then off to the Gilroy outlets for a day of shopping with my mom. I’d forgotten how much fun my mother and I have when we get to spend a whole uninterrupted day together. We used to go on these shopping “adventures” a lot more when I was younger, but now they are few and far between, so it was definitely some great quality time with Mom! Now if only the shopping had been a little better… I was able to find a pair of jeans that actually fit (WOOO HOOO!) and weren’t ridiculously expensive. I picked some clothes up for the kids… basic summer staples, and even found a few items at Ross for the hubby! My biggest find was at Old Navy… a couple cute tops that had “defects” and were final sale items at 75% off due to elastic being ripped out, a seam having a hole etc…. so I got 3 cute tops for under $9 TOTAL that are completely fixable! They probably aren’t tops I would have normally chosen (and paid full price for) but I’m a sucker for a good deal and a reason to get my sewing machine out!

In other news, we have a birthday party today for one of Rylee’s friends from church. It’s a swim party, so it should be fun… and hot! I’m NOT looking forward to 3 digit temps on Sunday & Monday. We are thinking about trying to take the boat up to the lake for the first time tomorrow after church. I just don’t know what to do with the kids… I would really like to bring them, and I know they’d love to go, but our bimini top that we ordered hasn’t arrived yet. Add in my daughter having the whitest skin you can imagine, and I’m already imagining a horrible sunburn that makes me feel like a negligent mother. Not to mention it’s just going to be plain HOT and we don’t have any boat “toys” yet, so they’d probably get bored rather fast. So we’ll see how it goes I guess!

Planning some more sewing today… going to start making one (or the only?) of the gift sets for the May Giveaway Day! I’m super excited about it, and am looking forward to visiting the other blogs that are participating too.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll even win someone else’s giveaway!

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Another great tutorial!

Just had to share this Twirly Skirt tutorial and my results! The directions on her site are very easy if you’re familiar with putting clothing together, but I wouldn’t say that they’d be easy for someone just beginning.  Her sizes seem to be right on for the child’s height, but if I were to do it again I might make the dress a little less “fluffy” by narrowing the width of the skirt. It took my a little over an hour, start to finish, thanks to the speed of using my serger for the seams. Unfortunately my little model was in bed by the time I finished, so I had to make due. Enjoy!

Twirly Skirt

Twirly Skirt

Cute Flower Print

Cute Flower Print


So tomorrow evening I’m teaching the 3 & 4 year olds at church, but I’m going to try to get a pair of booties done afterwards. My shop and items are getting a decent amount of views… so hopefully I’ll have my first sale soon!

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Up-cycled Toddler Dress

So my family is getting ready for a yard sale this weekend, and after work today I decided to go through my closet and get rid of all my clothes that don’t fit after having my surro-twins…. ok, so maybe some of them haven’t fit in awhile, but anyways… I was about to throw a bright button-up shirt into the “sale” pile when I remembered a tutorial I had seen awhile back. I used this as the perfect excuse to abandon the yard sale prep and whip out my sewing machine!

Here’s what I started with… a stained button-up shirt:

Old stained shirt

Old stained shirt

Now after 2.5 hours of disassembling then re-configuring, some sewing, a little elastic, and serging, here is my Princess wearing the final product:

May 2009 030

Dancing in her new dress

Dancing in her new dress

So now I’m off to do some laundry, and hopefully tackle the old clothes in my closet… this time without being distracted by a sewing project!

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Giveaway Day!

MayGiveawayDayOne of my favorite blogs is hosting a “May Giveaway Day” on the 27th.  They did the same thing in December, and I oh-so-badly wanted to participate in the giving spirit, but didn’t have a blog (nor a shop… nor anything to give away!). I’m so excited to see that they are planning another one, and I completely plan on joining in the fun this time around!! Now I only have to decide what to make, and then of course get it made in time!  I’m thinking about going all out and making 1 boy & 1 girl gift set (booties, onesie, bib & burp-rag!), but I don’t want to be too overly-ambitious and stress myself out… so maybe I’ll just start one gift set, and see what I can get done by then! Check out the link if you want to learn more: May Giveaway Then check back here around the 27th and follow the rules I post to see if you win!

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My first Listing!

Picture 013

One pair of booties I finished!

First of all, I had a nice weekend with lots of family, friends, and most importantly my kids! I didn’t get as much sewing done for the shop as I would have liked… but other projects took up my time… After spending about 4 hours looking for a bathingsuit that fits, is comfortable, cute, and would stand up to playing with my kids in the pool I gave up, headed to joanns and bought a pattern and fabric to make my own. I don’t normally sew anything that has that much stretch to it, so I was a little intimidated at first, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected! I finished the top yesterday afternoon and most of the bottoms, but I need to go pick up more elastic tonight before I can say I’m really done. Then I FINALLY got to work on some baby booties and whipped out 3 pairs before dinner.  I just listed my first pair this morning, and will list one a day for the next few days in hopes of keeping fresh items out there to get as much exposure to my store as possible! Hopefully by the end of the week I will have enough stock to do an official “launch” and start asking my friends and family to spread the word about my store.

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Little Twinkle Toes is up & running!

Welcome to my new site, first blog, and (hopefully) the beginning of a wonderful journey!

My Etsy shop is up, looking good, but I have yet to list any items for sale… key word there is “yet”! I plan on doing lots of sewing this weekend to get a small stock going for my store.  First on the list is my reversible booties… which will soon be followed by matching burp cloths, bibs, onesies etc.  Check out my shop (and send all your friends there too!):

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